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Bay Area residents often overlook the fact that Monterey Bay Aquarium is just a short drive down the coast. So we brought the undersea experience to San Francisco with a massive out-of-home takeover, putting the magic quite literally at San Francisco commuters’ fingertips.

We created an underground aquatic world of wonder

Through an out-of-home takeover featuring more than 200 printed pieces and more than 50 unique creative elements, we tapped into the aquarium’s resident sea creatures to immerse San Francisco commuters into the magic of Monterey’s marine life. The work was posted throughout the Powell Street BART Station—one of San Francisco’s busiest commuter centers—personally inviting commuters to experience the wonder face-to-face down the coast in Monterey Bay.

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(Out-performing similar brand activations from McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts)


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We made the magic of marine life accessible for all

We continued our marine life immersion above ground, through a collection of interactive bus shelters spread across the city.

Magical Results


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We gave Lyft a fishy facelift

One of the first of its kind in the Bay Area, our Lyft Takeover exceeded Lyft’s benchmark expectations.



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