launch something we did

Jameson is the world’s favorite Irish whiskey. Our mission: reignite their passionate fan base by launching a new product for April Fool’s Day.

We launched an actual bottle of Jameson whiskey into actual outer space. And actually treated it like a real new product launch, complete with a central video asset, supporting social media posts, a CRM email, and a new spot on the Jameson ecommerce site.

Teaser posts let our fans know something was up

We built anticipation around our “new” product by teasing Jameson fans…something was definitely up.

The new product’s launch video ran across owned and earned channels.

And the impact was out of this world

The Space Aged product shattered all worldly expectations, providing social liftoff that hadn’t been seen in ages. All because we decided to reach for the stars.




Engagement Rate


Site Visits


Email Signups

Safe to say, our fans were engaged

They had plenty of comments. And we were ready with just as many responses.

Space-Aged Tee
Mole Skin

Safe to say, our fans were engaged

We sent custom Space-Aged swag to some of our favorite commenters.