Jameson Catchmates

Jameson Irish Whiskey is all about bringing people together. But we found something troubling.

Roommates around the world simply could not help themselves from drinking their roommate’s unattended Jameson. This thirsty thievery had to be stopped.

And with April Fools’ just around the corner, we thought it’d be fun to inject some good-natured fear into these sip-stealers. And so, Jameson Catchmates was born.

To tease our new product, we asked victims of this heinous crime to call out their sip-stealing friends.

Unveiled Jameson Catchmates to the World

We Covered the Internet in Green Glitter

Roommates around the world were officially put on notice. Our UGC-style posts showed the new product in action. Yes, there’s still green glitter all over the agency. It’s called “commitment.”

The Truth was Revealed

On April 2, we revealed this was all an April Fools’ prank…

Official Schwag

…though we did send out these fabulously glittery T-shirts to ease the pain just a little.

Results Blew Expectations Out of the Water.



6x our target



6x our target

We designed and built the Anti-Theft Glittershot™ technology ourselves.

And you can imagine, our office will never be the same. 🙁